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For Moms of Adopted Kids and Teens
Transforming Trauma through Relationship, Regulation, and Resilience


Does your adopted child or teen do any of the following?

  • Refuse to comply with your rules or even simple requests?
  • Get angry and upset out of proportion to stress, difficulty, or challenges?
  • Exhibit frequent shut downs, meltdowns, and episodes of aggression?
  • Have anxiety that interferes with activities, school, and family time?
  • Control everyone in the house so that you are walking on eggshells?
  • Whine, complain, cry, sulk, get angry often?
  • Have difficulties at school, especially with homework?
  • Leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted from control battles?
  • Lie, steal, bully others, or have food issues?

Other adoption professionals, counselors, and parent coaches might tell you things will never change… that you just have to live with these behaviors and learn how to cope with them.  They might tell you that your child has “RAD” and is hopelessly damaged, so you just have to accept it and find a way to stay safe and maintain some control in all the chaos.

That’s not what I believe at all. 

I believe in the power of compassion and connection that leads to TRANSFORMATION.

I believe that children with Complex Developmental Trauma can and do heal within the context of a loving relationship based on honesty, empathy, acceptance, respect, and trust.

With the right mindset, parenting strategies, and ongoing support, you truly can see massive changes happen in your child and your family, just like I did!

Imagine how your life would change if you could help your child or teen…

  • Feel safety and security and trust you as a parent…
  • Verbalize feelings and express needs instead of controlling you…
  • Decrease and eventually eliminate meltdowns, and rages…
  • Find success at school and grow in social, emotional and academic success…
  • Be a loving, compliant, and helpful member of the family…
  • Be peaceful and calm at home so you can all relax and have fun…
  • Build a loving relationship with you so that you actually ENJOY being a mom!

That’s what my clients are reporting, and it can be this way for YOU, too!

Don’t keep waiting and hoping that things will change.  Take action TODAY, and reach out to someone like me who has been in your shoes and knows the exact step-by-step plan to bring peace and transformation to your family.

There are currently THREE options for getting the training and support you need:

Transforming Trauma Warrior Mama Bootcamp

VIP Community & Book Club

Private Parent Coaching

For more on each of these options, read the details below.

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Transforming Trauma Warrior Mama Bootcamp
$497 (or 2 payments of $279)
This 8-week comprehensive training and coaching program is for moms of adopted kids and teens who are new to compassionate, connected parenting… or are just having a hard time implementing it on a daily basis.    Sign up for this “basic training” program to learn all the strategies you need to become a strong Warrior Mama healing your child’s heart, and your own, too!
Click here for more details:
Transforming Trauma Warrior Mama Bootcamp

VIP Community & Book Club (for Very Inspiring Parents)
Join our “Transforming Trauma Tribe”!

This is an intimate support group, book club, and group coaching program.

It’s an excellent choice for parents who already know the basics and want to expand their knowledge of compassionate, connected parenting techniques with the support and accountability to maintain a safety and self-care plan.   Many of the members have already been through group or private coaching with Sandi or have received training elsewhere, but want to have the ongoing support and friendship of other Warrior Mamas bringing hope and healing to their kids with trauma.

VIP Community Members meet twice a month for group Q&A coaching calls. If you are busy that day, you can post questions ahead of time and listen to the recording later.  There is also a private members-only Facebook group.  Sandi provides reading notes and book discussion questions for each chapter of the book we are reading.

Past book titles include Rising Strong, by Dr. Brené Brown and The Explosive Child, by Dr. Ross Greene, Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids, by Dr. Laura Markham, and The Body Keeps the Score, by Bessel von der Kolk.

Monthly membership also includes archives of ALL the past book notes and group coaching call recordings!

Read what parents are saying about the VIP Community & Book Club:

The VIP Community is great!  We share the good, bad, and ugly, and get input in all the above.  It’s so nice to have call in Q&A, because we have specific questions answered by a parent coach (Sandi) that knows from experience.  Q&A is also beneficial to me because other mamas usually ask a question that is either one I also am loking for the answer for as well, or know it most likely will come in the future.  The book club part is SO helpful, because it actually feels like each chapter is speaking to me, yet everyone is able to use it in their own family as well.  Join us!!  – K.P.

Love the VIP group! It’s great to chat with other moms who “get it”, be able to ask and discuss specific problems, and the book club part is really helpful, too.  The chosen books are so relevant!  – J.R.

I love it over there (in the VIP Community)!  Wasn’t planning on staying after the fist month because I didn’t think I could afford it, but I can’t afford NOT to.   The coaching and calls help me to remember to connect and I feel more confident in mysefl as a momma.  – S.L.



Transforming Trauma Private Coaching Packages
Starting at $700/month
Biweekly or weekly phone sessions
Unlimited e-mail coaching support between sessions
Bonus:  Family FLIGHT Plan

Sign up for a Transforming Trauma Coaching package if you need intensive, individualized support to create a detailed plan for your family’s growth and healing. A two-month private coaching package typically includes 4 bi-weekly coaching calls (60 minutes) with unlimited e-mail coaching support between calls.  If you need additional or weekly sessions, you can discuss your needs by signing up for a Behavior Breakthrough Session.   Contact to discuss the details, and work with Sandi to create a personalized coaching agreement to meet your family needs.
BONUS:  The Family FLIGHT Plan will be included as a bonus for anyone who purchases the 2-month private coaching package or longer.  VIP Community Membership is NOT included but is recommended as a follow up to private coaching.


Contact to learn more about these private and group opportunities or to schedule a complimentary 30 minute Behavior Breakthrough Session.

Read what coaching clients are saying:

“Our child had some extreme behaviors and we were in crisis mode, trying to figure out how best to keep everyone safe.    I had lost all confidence. My daughter was becoming increasingly violent and our home felt very unsafe.

Sandi helped me learn to trust my mama instincts. She also helped me gain the confidence I needed to reach out to various professionals in my community for help – police, the children’s psychiatric hospital, a therapist, ELL teacher, etc.

From Sandi’s coaching, I learned that my daughter operates from a place of fear, not trusting anyone as a result of her traumatic history. I knew this but hadn’t yet internalized it. Once I realized just how much my daughter was hurting and lashing out from that pain, I was able to develop more empathy for her. That empathy helped my daughter start to trust me. We still have a long way to go, but my daughter is slowly healing.

Sandi provided a constant sense of encouragement. She never made me feel dumb for my parenting decisions, instead encouraging me to think about a situation from a different perspective. She was eager to answer all of my questions and shared a lot of her story in order to help me.

I would absolutely recommend Sandi as a coach to other adoptive parents. She is sensitive, caring, professional, and speaks from years of personal experience. She saved my family when we were in crisis mode and we are forever grateful. “  – C. L.

“I chose Sandi because she is the only coach I have met that had BEEN THERE.  She knew what I was talking about when I confided that my daughter chased me around the house and that I was afraid of her.  She was positive and upbeat and CONFIDENT that she would be able to help me.  She never once mentioned that I should “crack down on her” or use punishment.  Sandi understood that children adopted at birth are dealing with trauma and made sure I understood that. 

The biggest result from hiring Sandi has been that I was actually able to “graduate” from needing therapy.  After countless years of nonstop therapists, I am finally confident in myself and feel competent to parent WITHOUT calling for “help” every week. The skills I need for almost any situation are now in my head. I had been forcing my daughter to go to weekly therapy (which she hated) and I have stopped that now.

Sandi listens well and asks details that I never thought were relevant in the past,  She is currently parenting and practicing these skills HERSELF and shares her stories with the public. Sandi also answers emails thoroughly and then I can refer back to them as needed. She is a living example of continued trauma parenting and I am understanding that this is a lifelong process.  I won’t be able to “fix” my daughter and then just get back to traditional parenting. She gave the support I needed- especially after years of feeling like a failure for not being able to “control my child.”

Sandi was always on time for every call.  She was always willing to work with me if I needed to postpone a call.  She answered every email in a timely manner.  She became my biggest supporter in a time where I was feeling very insecure in my parenting.  I made more progress in three months than I had made in six years of traditional therapists.  I sincerely recommend Sandi for parent coaching.  I am so glad I hired her!”  – L. S. 

“I just finished up 3 months of coaching with Sandi. For me, it was a great investment. 

I was having such a hard time with my 7 yr old son. His physical aggression was at an all-time high and my own self-regulation during his meltdowns was poor. I had been doing connected parenting with him for about 2 years, was familiar with many connected parenting resources, but had difficulty putting interventions into practice in the heat of the moment.

Sandi helped me put a safety plan into place and offered many suggestions for specific scenarios. For me, Sandi’s Flight Plan (includes a very detailed safety plan, self care plan, and strategies for dealing with behaviors) was also very helpful.

For example, my son was having violent meltdowns 2-3 times per day, 6-7 days per week. He is currently having only 2-3 meltdowns per week, and the aggression is not nearly as violent. 

Sandi had a lot of good ideas and she was good about letting me veto ideas that I knew would not work for my situation. She answered emails within a day. We also focused on improving my self-care. She kept me accountable for prioritizing self-care.

I set goals at the beginning of our coaching and made progress on all goals.”  – S. H. 

Sandi Lerman, MA Ed. is a Certified Professional Coach and Parent Educator who has worked with children, teens and families for the past 25 years as a teacher, coach, language specialist, and parenting liaison/consultant.   She is also the adoptive parent of a teenager and has taught adopted kids and teens as a certified ESL Teacher (English as a Second Language).

Sandi is a strong Warrior Mama in the trenches of adoptive parenting and has experience with overcoming all of the challenges listed above… and more!   She worked hard to develop systems and strategies for her older adopted students and her own adopted child to find hope, resilience, and healing after an early childhood filled with adversity and trauma.

Sandi is using her hard-earned wisdom to help other parents find strategies that work to so that moms and their adopted kids can feel a stronger bond of respect and trust to develop post-traumatic growth and success.   In addition to complementary Behavior Breakthrough Sessions, she offers individual and group parent coaching/consulting to help moms find their way back to strength and joy in the parenting journey.

To learn more about parent training, consulting, and coaching, or to sign up for a no-cost BEHAVIOR BREAKTHROUGH SESSION, send an email to, and Sandi will get in touch with you to schedule your complementary 30-minute session.


Contact to learn more about these private and group opportunities or to schedule a complimentary 30 minute Behavior Breakthrough Session.

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How to Tame the Trauma Dragon:  10 Proven Strategies to End Meltdowns with Compassion and Connection

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