Moms of Adopted Kids and Teens

Does your adopted child or teen do any of the following?

  • Refuse to comply with your house rules or even simple requests?
  • Get angry and upset out of proportion to stress, difficulty, or challenges?
  • Have anxiety levels that prevent enjoyment of every day activities, school, and family time?
  • Control you and everyone in the house so you feel you’ve lost all parental authority?
  • Make unreasonable demands of your time, energy, and personal space?
  • Have difficulties at school, especially with homework, tests, and projects?
  • Leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted from the daily battles?
  • Exhibit frequent shut downs, meltdowns, and episodes of aggression?
  • Lie, steal, bully others, or have food issues?

Imagine how your life would change if you could help your child or teen…

  • Feel safety and security and trust you as a parent
  • Verbalize feelings and express needs instead of manipulating and controlling you
  • Decrease and eventually eliminate shutdowns, meltdowns, and rages
  • Have fun, smile, and enjoy family life on a daily basis
  • Develop resilience and strength to control impulses and make good choices
  • Find success at school and grow in social, emotional and academic success
  • Be a loving, compliant, and helpful member of the family
  • Develop coping skills and self-control strategies to overcome challenges
  • Be peaceful and calm at home so that your life is peaceful and calm again

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Transforming Trauma Parent Coaching

Sandi Lerman, MA Ed. is a Certified Professional Coach and Parent Educator who has worked with children, teens and families for the past 25 years as a teacher, coach, language specialist, and parenting liaison/consultant.   She is also the adoptive parent of a teenager and has taught adopted kids and teens as a certified ESL Teacher (English as a Second Language).

Sandi is a strong Warrior Mama in the trenches of adoptive parenting and has experience with overcoming all of the challenges listed above… and more!   She worked hard to develop systems and strategies for her older adopted students and her own adopted child to find hope, resilience, and healing after an early childhood filled with adversity and trauma.

Sandi is using her hard-earned wisdom to help other parents find strategies that work to so that moms and their adopted kids can feel a stronger bond of respect and trust to develop post-traumatic growth and success.   In addition to complementary HEART-STRONG SESSIONS, she offers parent coaching/consulting packages to help moms find their way back to strength and joy in the parenting journey.

To sign up for your no-cost BEHAVIOR BREAKTHROUGH SESSION, send an email to, and Sandi will get in touch with you to schedule your complementary 30-minute session.

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